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Design Build Office integrates architectural design and custom fabrication, bridging the gap between conceptual design and a realized end product. DBO celebrates the design and construction process as one exploration, allowing architecture and furniture projects to move from design to built form while maintaining the integrity of the client’s and designer’s intentions. DBO employs a collaborative design process to shape a meaningful relationship between people and their environments. Materials, function, comfort and emotional response to place form this meaningful relationship.

Ted Nelson graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia in 2002, and shortly afterwards became co-founder and owner of Design Build Office, LLC. Ted combines over 10 years in the industry with a passion for creating beautiful, thoughtful, and well-crafted projects. Originally specializing in small, custom installation projects, DBO has grown to a full service outfit that works on projects ranging from custom residential to light commercial to high-end installations. DBO combines the services of a design firm, a cabinetry/furniture fabrication shop, and a Class A contractor, and considers its specialty taking on projects that require all three facets of the company. DBO takes a multi-disciplinary approach to its staff, employing people of diverse backgrounds including designers, carpenters, shop workers, etc. Even though each member comes to the team with a particular area of expertise, all members are actively involved in the different aspects of a project. This collaborative method carries over to the relationships with its clients. DBO prides itself in being able to work with its clients in order to successfully move from conceptual design to well crafted built form. Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has allowed DBO to thrive within its unique market niche.